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CLUK22 - Unfortunately there have been difficulties obtaining a suitable date for CLUK22 at our venue, regrettably we will have to postpone our next event until early 2009 when we can ensure that we have a weekend that works for everybody and is not too close to any other major events.

For those who have already paid for their ticket to CLUK22 and require a refund, please raise a ticket by sending an email to support@enemydown.co.uk with your booking reference and requested payment method for the refund.

Central Anuk

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Hog Roast At CLUK18

Always trying to keep you healthy LAN goers fed and watered through the event, CLUK18 will be bringing you an ENTIRE PIG to eat on the Saturday evening of the event!

From 7pm, we will be bringing in external caterers to provide a freshly spit-roasted hog for your pleasure and enjoyment!

So for a mere 6 you will be able to help yourself to our fine hog roast, which includes fresh pork, crispy crackling, home made stuffing with roast apricots, parsnips & potatoes, applesauce & chutney along with mixed fresh breadrolls

Payment can be made in advance along with your event payment (as an additional service when you sign up) or by cash at the event, event security company will be present. Though we would like as many people as possible to pay in advance as CLUK has already had to pay to get the caterers in for CLUK18! If you are just sending money for the hog roast along, please do remember we get charged a bit by paypal, so send a bit extra to cover those costs.


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